“Ms Stephanie, your advice and content was down to earth and easily absorbed.  It was great that you shared your experiences and personal fears.  Many motivational speakers have the same content as most of their advice is tried and tested. But, I feel that your presentation hit the spot!”

~ Bernie Quah, Freelance Architectural Designer on Dare to be Great


“Inspiring and motivational. Help me to understand the proper way, proper words to communicate at the proper time.”  

~ Ernie Yap, Sales, Novo Nordisk on Quantum Selling


“It’s been a simple and effective way to reinforce basic sales training tips, presented in a lucid, smooth flowing manner.”   

~ Balaji R, Regional Business Development Manager, Mega Life Sciences, India on Sell Smarter


“Stephanie, you’re sincere when you are giving the training.  I’ve been to other training but I felt a lot of bullshit, but from you, it’s very sincere and real.”   

~ Edward Gan, Art Director, Inspidea on Communication, The Real Works of Leadership


 “Reminder to me the appreciation to give to the person besides you.  Trainer is serious and this is good for deep to the heart of trainee.”   

~  Jason Low, Country Manager, Blackmores Singapore on PowerUP Team


“Today’s training has indeed brought us closer together as a team.  Keep up the good work.  Simple things in life but big difference.”   

~ Pua Ching Yee, Customer Marketing Manager, Blackmores Malaysia on PowerUP Team


“HR Practitioner should attend this program to enhance knowledge in choosing the right candidate for the right position.”

~  Shamsuddin Mohd Yahya, HR Executive, MAS Kargo on How to Hire the Right People


 “Excellence.  The trainer did a very good job.  She has good training skills.“

~  Muhamad Khairil, Senior Executive, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat on How to Hire the Right People


“Had a breakthrough discovering myself, my colleagues and also the ironic discovery that I need a pair of reading glasses. I will never forget Chengdu.”

~ Andrew O, Managing Director, Inspidea on Strategic Planning for 2012