Our Philosophy


Try this:

Fold your arms in front of you.  Got it?  Great!  Now try it again…but this time, adjust your arms so that your arms are folded the other way round.


It’s the same result – folded arms, but it does not feel natural or comfortable, does it?  This simple exercise gets you wondering and learning about your comfort zone, doesn’t it?

When your team does our training, something just clicks. It works. They are spared of the effort of trying to understand and digest concepts presented. This simply means they have much more absorption and retention than usual training.

We keep our training simple and straight to the point. We know what will work for every individual in your team and equally what it is likely to switch them off.  That’s because we understand human psychology and behaviour. We manage and help them connect to their learnings through personal experiences.

Our trainings are different.  We aim to provide a training that is lived, not witnessed.

Simplicity is the approach. Experiential is the key. There are too many training companies with scripts, rules and lists that trainees have either heard before or are not right for them.  As such trainees “switch off” during the training, and hence, not taking learnings back to the workplace.  What is more expensive than having your team trained right is just having them trained.

Serious about training and developing excellence in your team?  So are we.

If you want to see changed behaviours and a motivated team actually using the training as soon as they return to their daily jobs, here is how we do it…

1. We understand how you and your team works.

Our pre-workshop consultation is second to none.  We want to know about you and your team before the training starts.

We want to know what motivates you and your team, what your strengths are and the factors that may be holding you back from being even more successful.

We want to know the vision of your organisation and the climate in your organisation.  We want to work very closely with you towards your vision.

2. We keep things simple.

Simplicity is attractive. Complexity is confusing.

Lengthy, complex, awkward ideas might be okay for debating at university, but in training, it is a form of torture.

No one learned to walk or ride a bicycle by reading a book or listening to classroom lectures.  Trainees want clear, simple, fun and memorable ideas and experiences delivered in a way that is engaging and gets heads nodding.  We deliver this as it is a much more natural way of learning.  Learning is in the doing.

3. We change behaviours.

While other training companies focus on theory, we focus on the doing. We are passionate about trainings that achieve deep behavioural and perception change.

4. Back it up

The first thing we say to our clients is that we are not here to provide “nice-to-have” trainings.  We are serious about results, your results. We make our clients’ investment in their teams worthwhile.  We make their teams worthwhile.

We provide back-up coaching services and consultation to our clients.  What is the purpose of sending your sales team to sales training each year when they can have a few hours of focus coaching that delivers results?

5. We use Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP) Tools.

One of the most powerful tools used in modelling excellence and coaching, both personal and business, to create well formed outcomes and change.  Our solutions are much more than just a learning experience as our trainees will enjoy many other unexpected benefits that they can take it on in their lives as well.


Speak to us to find out how we can support you.