Dec 162009

Let me do it later!

Each time when I asked people what are some of the things they would like to change in themselves, procrastination is probably ranked the highest.  Procrastination seems like a “bad” thing or behavior in perception of many.  Well, the good news is EVERYONE PROCRASTINATES! The trick is having a whole new perception towards procrastination.  Used intentionally and creatively, procrastination can be one of the most empowering techniques in personal effectiveness.

In fact, it can change your life!

You cannot possibly do everything that you have to do.  You need to procrastinate on something or the other, especially the small tasks.  The difference between the highly effective and the less effective people is largely determined by what they intentionally choose to procrastinate on.

However, most people procrastinate without thinking about it.  In other words, they are procrastinating unconsciously.  As a result of that, they push aside or delay big, important tasks that may have significant long-term effect in their lives, relationships and careers.  One must learn to intentionally procrastinate on tasks that are small and of low importance just so you have more time for things that can make the big difference in your life.

How do you do that?  Simple.  Set a list proper priorities.  A priority is something that you do more of and sooner.  You must also set a list of things you do less and later, if at all.   One of the most powerful words in managing your lists is NO!  Say it politely and clearly just so that it does not cause misunderstandings.  Practise using “no” as a normal part of setting your daily priorities.  For you to change and do something new, you must stop doing something old.

Review your life and work daily.  What are the time-consuming, small and less important tasks and activities that you can abandon.  For example, procrastinating television watching can allow you to spend more quality time with your family, read, exercise or do activities that can improve the quality of your life.  What about your work activities?  What are the tasks that you can delegate or eliminate so that you have more time to plan and do work that really matter.

Begin today to practise intentional procrastination.  You find that you will have more time for the more important things in life.  Set a list of things that you want to procrastinate wherever and whenever you can.  This action alone allows you to take control of your time and life.

What is one activity that you can abandon immediately or intentionally push aside until your more important goals are achieved?

Have a wonderful day procrastinating! 🙂