Dec 282009

The one quality which is common in all successful people and leaders is that they have a clear and exciting vision for the future.  Successful leaders spend time thinking about the future and plan for the future each day.  They develop a clear picture of where they want their organisation to be in the next one, three and five years.  And, they communicate this vision with so much passion that others “buy in” with excitement as well.

All businesses require a vision.  A business without a vision has no soul.  Without a soul, the business has no heart and thus, no passion.  Ironically, this is not in business only, but also in the personal lives of individuals.  A business, or even life, without passion is like one’s demise has already been foretold.

Visions are both personal and impersonal.  It is the future possibilities of what can be.  The first vision is for your life.  The second is for your business.  Together, they arouse emotions and become the driving force for the growth of a company.  Together, they motivate people to give their best, to encourage and instill confidence in them.

The most powerful vision is always described in terms of values and mission versus monetary.  It has the guiding principles behind your business ideas.  It is clear and concise and is no longer than a single short paragraph.  It will help you define your focus and set the stage for how your business will operate.

What does your ideal future look like for your life and for your company?  What is it like in 3 to 5 years?

What immediate action can you take to begin turning your future vision into reality?