Jan 042010

“Green” or sustainable business is not a new concept as it has been discussed and drilled into us through various media day after day for years.  Large corporations and many SMEs, driven by pressures such as cost cutting, preventive measures, more environmentally-aware customers, etc, are actively looking for ways to making their operations more environmentally sustainable.

So, what is a green business?  It is an enterprise that have adopted the attitude to supply or use more of products, services and systems that have no or decreased negative impact on the global environment.  Operating a green business also means a healthier bottom line as conserving resources and cutting down wastes save money.  There are many simple things that you can start doing to make your business environmentally friendly.

Actions do not have to be large to have an impact.  Businesses can make a huge difference to the environment and their books by consistently reducing the use of energy, water and paper.  For instance, how much paper can you save in a year?  A business with around 50 staff will use at least 200,000 pieces of paper yearly, regardless its size.  This translates to 69 full-sized trees being cut down for paper manufacturing!  And that will cause 6,800 kilograms of CO2 emission into the air every year by the manufacturers!  Just imagine how much paper you can save if you always run double-sided copies.  Small thing – BIG RESULT!