Jan 132010

Most businesses do not realize that billboards are highly effective marketing tools.  They are conveying your marketing messages for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Most small business owners think that advertising on billboards are expensive.  In actual fact, it is less expensive than print ads and reaches a wider demographic.  To get most out of your billboard advertising, always keep in the mind the location and the type of billboard.


To make your point, use both words and pictures to capture attention of auto traffic.  Because of this, your billboard needs to get the message across in a simple yet effective way.  It not only intrigues customers but also lets them know how to get to you.

Use bright happy colour combinations that are not too distracting to evoke positive emotional reactions.  Blue and white, or yellow with black trim are good examples.  Also, use colours that can be seen at various times of the day since the billboard is up 24 hours a day.


A catchy phrase may be enough.  Use a good tag line that does not get diluted by too many words or other elements in the picture.  Less is more and works best with an intriguing picture and simple sentence followed by the company logo or contact.  Your message should be within five lines.  Capture your company’s essence in a phrase, if possible.  Keep the font large and readable from a distance.  Make sure that your billboard does not split the design hence compartmentalizing different plausible interpretations.


There are large billboards that show the next movie blockbuster to smaller ones on bus benches, building illuminations and cinema advertising.  Buses and taxis are interesting methods too.  Keep in mind there are various types to meet the marketing budgets of most companies.