Team Development


The purpose of team-development  is to improve efficiency. But what gives an indication to find out whether the team has some potential for improvement? And which topics do we need to work on?

Observe the team and watch out for characteristic  symptoms:

  • absence from work or scheduled meetings
  • difficulties to keep schedules and deadlines
  • lack of focus on the team objectives
  • missing loyalty within the team
  • gossiping or complaining from different sources
  • incongruity and friction

All these symptoms indicate if a team is ineffective and it directly effects the business relationship outside the team.

Team Development

The team development programmes we’re offering improve the effectiveness of teams and work on:

  • direct communication: team members talk to each other instead of behind each other’s back. It builds up the trust within the team and creates rapport and loyalty.
  • respect for other’s opinion: group discussions are held in a active and  constructive way, disagreements are normal but don’t lead to personal conflicts.
  • partners in teamwork: the team members support each other and are aware of their shared responsibility.
  • team spirit: the members are aligned to the team objectives and want to have success as a team.

This will get the  team focused and working together to identify many different areas of untapped potentials and synergies.