Dynamic Presentation


Effective presentation skills are an essential part of business, career and life in general. The ability to deliver information clearly and with impact is a skill that professionals need, yet many find it difficult to master.

We must begin by recognizing that presenting is a learned skill. For most of us, it is not something we can simply get up and do effectively without having at least some basic training.  Many have unrealistic expectations about their speaking ability, believing that they can achieve proficiency without much effort. This attitude leads to significant frustration when their efforts fail to produce the desired outcomes.

Effectiveness is always a reasonable goal even with those who don’t speak often. Perfection is unrealistic, and impossible.

This programme takes you through the basic presentation skills.  This is “how to” learning. Learning what to do and what not do. Given that it can be a daunting area of learning for many, it would be sensible to use an approach that seeks to make it easy and enjoyable.

Key Objectives:
  • to deliver an effective presentation to teams and customers
  • present information with clarity
  • increase effectiveness in sales and customer interaction
  • positively engage and stimulate interaction with the audience
  • to take control of audience questions
  • create self-confidence
  • design and use visual aids effectively
  • Increase the effectiveness communication using body language and influencing language.