Managing EQ Using NLP


People with high emotional intelligence are poised, outgoing and cheerful. They have empathy for others. They are able to express their feelings directly but appropriately and have a capacity for developing meaningful relationships, both at work and in life.

Countless studies done over the past 30 years on Emotional Intelligence shows its incredible role in an individual’s success. It has been shown that it can be even more critical than IQ.

The best way to learn emotional management is through group interactions and in a controlled environment such as a training program. This program is designed to train participants to become more skilled in understanding themselves and managing their emotions. Activities in training and home assignments are provided to make sure that participants can immediately benefit from the skills. Participants will be taught strategies from one of the most effective toolbox in managing emotions, Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP.

Understanding and mastering your emotions have huge payoffs for your team, especially in situations where your team is under stress due to deadlines, demanding clients or intense and unproductive meetings.

Key Objectives:
  • Identify the main emotional management competencies and how how each area can contribute to your personality and interaction with others
  • Understand and adopt inevitable presuppositions of emotional management
  • Achieve greater self-awareness, self-control and self-motivation
  • Recognise and understand your moods and emotions and their impact on others
  • Manage and regulate your emotions
  • Effectively establish rapport with others to improve communication
  • Understand the feelings and needs of others and respond accordingly for maximum results
  • Keep your focus and show that you are paying attention
  • Increase your empathy and social skills
  • Understand and apply EI at the workplace to enhance employee relationships and increase productivity