Communication Mastery


What the Best Communicators Know, Do and Say

Do you want to handle conversations with ease and confidence?   Do you want get results will minimal effort?   What if you could just say the word and it was done?   What if people looked at you expecting to be led, because you were so trustable and wise? 

 Communication takes up a major part of any person’s workday.  The art of good communication includes a whole host of interaction points like sharing of information, asking for and offering help, coaching team members, working with different departments on a common project, interacting with clients, presenting an idea or product, closing a sale, negotiating with business partners, and so on.

You deal with people professionally and personally everyday.  Any new skill that improves your communication with your colleagues, boss, clients and your family can have profound effects on your self-esteem, personality and subsequently your productivity.   We all know how costly miscommunication can be.   The best way to deal with this is to practice the correct communication methods until they become second nature to us.

Key Objectives:
  • Build instant rapport to get positive results.
  • Distinguish between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour.
  • Enhance confidence and express your ideas assertively and precisely.
  • Identify the psyche of yourself and others and use different communications styles to adapt when needed for better influencing.
  • Say “No” positively and disagree in such a way that helps the other person understand your stance on the matter without taking it personally.