Corporate Training Programmes


Training programmes should support objectives and goals of your organisation and its teams.  Trainings should be designed to accentuate your team’s knowledge and learning processes while reinforcing company vision and culture.

Here’s what we can do for you and your organisation:

  • help you build stronger teams
  • encourage and improve collective collaboration
  • improve decision making abilities
  • focus on conflict resolution techniques
  • enhance communication and coaching skills of your leaders

Our focus is on people development, we can offer a broad range of programmes including:

Programme Who should attend Duration
Communication Mastery All levels 2 days
Dynamic Presentation All levels 2 days
Coaching for Peak Performance Executives, Managers 2 days
Personal Impact & Inspiring Leadership Executives, Managers 2 days
Team Development All levels 2 days
Quantum Sales Closing Sales Teams, Managers 2 days
NLP Interventions for Stress Management Executives, Managers 1-2 days
Well-Formed Outcome and Appreciative Inquiry Executives 1-2 days
Bridging the Gap and Managing Across Generations Managers 2 days
Managing EQ using NLP All levels 2 days
Collaborative and Respectful Working Team All levels 2 days


Trainings for corporates are custom-made to meet specific needs and objectives.  Please do contact us for a needs analysis.