Jan 052010

2010 flew by quite quickly for a lot of people and businesses.  What lessons have we learnt from the past 12 months?  What is empowering that we can bring forward to 2011 and make it better?  What can we throw out of the window?  What is your plan for 2011? The objective of strategic planning […]

Jan 042010

“Green” or sustainable business is not a new concept as it has been discussed and drilled into us through various media day after day for years.  Large corporations and many SMEs, driven by pressures such as cost cutting, preventive measures, more environmentally-aware customers, etc, are actively looking for ways to making their operations more environmentally […]

Dec 282009

The one quality which is common in all successful people and leaders is that they have a clear and exciting vision for the future.  Successful leaders spend time thinking about the future and plan for the future each day.  They develop a clear picture of where they want their organisation to be in the next […]

Dec 212009

This is probably one the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks in setting up a business.  There are several important things to consider when you look for your base of operations.  Firstly, you need to decide where your main headquarters will be set up.  If you are starting a retail business, traffic is a main concern.  […]

Dec 162009

Let me do it later! Each time when I asked people what are some of the things they would like to change in themselves, procrastination is probably ranked the highest.  Procrastination seems like a “bad” thing or behavior in perception of many.  Well, the good news is EVERYONE PROCRASTINATES! The trick is having a whole […]