Feb 162011

“I hate this job!” You hear this often from people who are not satisfied with the job they hold.  But they can’t take this thing called “job” away from them because it brings food to the table, buys them clothes and shoes to keep them in fashion, buys medicine to keep them healthy, and pays […]

Nov 052010

When the first generation of women entered the workforce in earnest in the 1970s, they succeeded in the only way they could – by imitating men.  Authoritarian leadership and tight control was the hallmark of business style back then, and women were not exactly welcomed into the ranks of management.  Well ladies, that was yesterday, […]

Jan 132010

One of the quickest and most versatile forms of communication today is the Email.  Most people have at least one email address, if not two or more.  However, email can be counter-productive if you don’t manage it properly. Here are some practical suggestions for increasing YOUR email productivity: Strive to keep your Inbox “clean” Do […]

Jan 132010

Most businesses do not realize that billboards are highly effective marketing tools.  They are conveying your marketing messages for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Most small business owners think that advertising on billboards are expensive.  In actual fact, it is less expensive than print ads and reaches a wider demographic.  To […]