May 272011

How many e-mail messages do you send everyday?  You’re probably missing out on a simple, inexpensive marketing tool.  Seize the opportunity to promote your business to a highly targeted market without spending a cent by utilizing your e-mail signature line. If your email signature line only contains your name and contact information, you’re missing out […]

Apr 212011

For  a leader, honesty and integrity are absolutely essential to survival. A lot of  businesspeople don’t realize how closely they’re being watched by their  subordinates. Remember when you were a kid in grammar school, how you used to  sit there staring at your teacher all day? By the end of the school year, you  could […]

Apr 022011

Ask yourself are you paddling or floating your canoe down the river of your business life?  If you’re floating then you’re on the defense, if you’re paddling then you’re on the offense – where do you want to be? In today’s business climate, if you’re not on the offensive then you’re being whipped and buffeted […]

Mar 262011

People communicate with each other in various ways for a lot of reasons. And one of these reasons is when you need something from someone. For people in business, this can either be in the form of products or services. You may want to sell a product while the other party must find your product […]

Mar 062011

Your most important skill as a business owner is your salesmanship.  Having the best product or service means nothing if you can’t get anyone to buy it, so to ensure the success of your business you must develop the ability to generate revenue – “salesman-ship”.  The techniques that follow aren’t difficult to learn, but they […]